Invest in Community-Building Seasonal Festivities with Stainless Steel Apartment Grills

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The importance of multi-family living gatherings cannot be understated, and apartment grills bring people together. During the holiday season, it seems only natural that property managers would organize parties and informal get-togethers centered on good food prepared on natural gas and liquid propane grills.

That’s largely because common areas require either fixed-in-place or portable patio grills to make them suitable for residential life. As the gift-giving season and New Year’s Eve approaches, the joys of food, friends, family, and festivities are ways to escape the stress of everyday life. If you are a property owner or management professional looking for ways to raise the bar on seasonal happiness, a holiday party with a deliciously grilled menu delivers wide-reaching benefits.

Benefits of Hosting Outdoor Holiday Events

Whether the seasonal gathering involves an apartment complex, condo, or resort for vacationers, the benefits associated with bringing residents and guests together are primarily the same. Good people enjoy good company and appreciate the efforts involved in organizing a holiday event. These rank among the leading benefits of holding festivities.

  • Social Interaction: Multi-family living environments are filled with people with interesting backgrounds and stories to share. Inviting them to break bread, so to speak, provides an opportunity to socialize and learn more about their neighbors.
  • Sense of Community: Renters and condo owners tend to anonymously see each other pulling into parking spaces and bringing in groceries. It’s not always easy to break the ice and initiate conversation. Holding a holiday event and asking community members to bring something to put on apartment grills gives everyone a chance to have that conversation and bond.
  • Retention: From a property owner’s or resort manager’s perspective, orchestrating holiday grilling parties improves the quality of life experience. That, in turn, motivates people to re-up their leases or return next year for a family vacation. ‘Tis the season when school-aged children are on break and a perfect opportunity for an annual gathering.

Few meals can rival the locked-in flavor of grilling over an open flame. With the right recipes and apartment grills, the lives of residents and guests can be enriched as year’s end draws near.

How to Create an Outdoor Grilling Area

Transforming a common area into a viable outdoor grilling area does not necessarily require a massive investment. Portable patio grills are an excellent first step because they tend to be a cost-effective way to provide smartly grilled food while holding outdoor festivities. The best portable patio grills are constructed from durable stainless steel or hard cast aluminum. Products such as the PGS T-Series are considered ideal for this multi-family and resort use. This line offers liquid propane grills that can be cart-mounted and maneuvered to maximize effectiveness. With a fuel tank housed in the base, portable patio grills can be repositioned to accommodate additional seating and do not require a gas line installation.

In terms of revitalizing a passive common area into a complete outdoor kitchen that supports family get-togethers, birthday parties, and community-wide festivities, large stainless steel grills are usually the best option. The industry-leading PGS Grill line offers extensive commercial options suitable for multi-family communities and resorts alike. For example, the S48T stainless steel outdoor grill can be installed into an existing countertop. It serves as the focal point for an outdoor kitchen and gathering area. The S48T remains one of the few natural gas grills that can be installed into prefabricated grill islands.

That being said, the use of prefabricated grill islands is a money-saving choice for multi-family property and resort managers. Designed to be erected by DIYers who possess reasonable tool and assembly skills, prefabricated grill islands can be put together in a single afternoon. Grill islands also allow for the use of natural gas grills or liquid propane grills. They have ample room in the base to store fuel tanks. And because the grill islands are secured in place, natural gas lines can be connected.

It’s also essential to include accessories whenever possible. Side shelves, beverage centers, additional burners, and the most sought-after extra — an infrared rotisserie. Each of these and other items widens the seasonal recipe possibilities and excitement of annual events. PGS grills also have a reputation for being reliable and backed by a parts replacement warranty.

Popular Recipes for Apartment Grills

The ability to produce enough tasty food for the entire guest list will depend on the size of the apartment grills. Portable patio grills tend to have less direct grilling area than large stainless steel models such as the S48T, among others. Sticking with a PGS S48T Grill that offers 960 square inches of grate area, these are delightful recipe selections that can accommodate seasonal gatherings.

  • Shepherd’s Pie: This recipe can be prepared in a cast iron skillet and placed inside apartment grills until baked to perfection.
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Veggies of this ilk can be placed directly on the grates or baked in small Dutch ovens inside a large-capacity patio grill. Other choices include carrots, asparagus, and zucchini, among others.
  • Kabobs: Skewers are an enticing menu choice that can be geared for vegans and meat-eaters alike. Party-goers usually like finger foods.
  • Sliders: Beef, chicken, and portabella mushroom sliders are a great way to emulate the traditional burger barbecue. The smaller patties and buns make feeding community and resort get-togethers quick and easy.
  • Sausage and Hot Dogs: Long buns, mustard, onion, relish, and other condiments are near-delicacies in the outdoor barbecue realm. They are also simple ways to elevate a holiday party menu.

The linchpin of a sizable gathering is usually the primary protein. With an S48T, property and resort owners integrate a 12,000-BTU infrared rotisserie into apartment grills. That opens the door for whole chickens, pineapples, large cuts of beef, glazed hams, and pork roasts, among others. Timing your primary protein source in conjunction with side dishes and bite-sized appetizers will take the event to the next level.

Is the PGS S48T Grill the Right Choice?

When choosing the best natural gas or liquid propane grills to upgrade common areas and gathering spaces, it’s critical to have a model that can handle a party-sized guest list. As mentioned, the S48T possesses 960 square inches of direct cooking area, another 335 square inches of warming rack space, and provides access to an infrared rotisserie burner and kit. This commercial patio grill also generates 102,000 BTU and self-cleaning steel cooking grids. You simply flip them over, and the heat whisks away any caked-on materials.

Considered a low-maintenance and durable stainless steel grill, the S48T can be powered by natural gas or liquid propane, set into prefabricated grill islands, and comes with a complete 5-year parts replacement warranty.

The various PGS Grill lines offer a wide range of options that can be mounted on pedestals, carts, and countertops. Safety features include 60-minute shutoff timers, heat indicators, anti-theft knobs, and laser-etched instructions. If you really want to impress this holiday season and make your guests and patrons happy, make sure you have your grill ready from AEI.

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